Some Stuff About Me

Who the hell am I and why should you trust me?

Many people will recognise me as the person behind the social networking website for expats in Spain, Eye on Spain. I started Eye on Spain up from nothing with huge exposure in the media and have grown it into the largest social website for property owners in Spain, with over 50,000 registered members.

I then created a similar website for the rest of the world, which I subsequently sold four years ago.

I also have over 500 sites in my network which I use for testing purposes and to generate leads and an income online.

I am based in Spain and have clients in Spain, UK and Italy. We live in a virtual world so location is no barrier.

My Background

Lord Alan Sugar giving me the thumbs-up in his column in the Daily Mirror.

Originally from Gibraltar I went on to do a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at Liverpool University. Following that I worked in the Automotive industry followed by a stint with a Formula 1 team, today known as Mercedes GP.

I have been involved in internet marketing for the past nine years, advising small and large businesses about online marketing best practices.

I have helped several clients survive the toughest of times by advising them on some of the best and most forward-thinking online marketing techniques available to them.

Top of the Class

One aspect of my business that I am well known for is being the place to go when a company needs to do a product launch or to generate a significant number of leads using email marketing. There are very few companies that I promote but the ones I do tend to get an amazing response. Some of the companies for which I am or have been the top lead generator for are:
Companies I've helped

Testing, Testing, Testing

My article in a professional industry magazine giving advice on social media strategies

Data…mmmm….I love data.  I spend much of my week testing different ranking, conversion and general marketing techniques across my broad spectrum of websites.  Not everything I test works but the stuff that does is what I then roll out to my own money sites and to those of my clients.

SEO has become increasingly complex over the years.  These days Google appears to think that anyone trying to increase their rankings is a spammer!  It’s only through exhaustive testing that it’s possible to feel comfortable with the methods used to rank sites highly long term.

My clients don’t need to worry about the complexities of the Google algorithm, that’s my job.  I make sure their websites perform brilliantly in all aspects of internet marketing so that they can get on with servicing all those new customers I send their way :)

Fed Up With Imposters

A snapshot of the types of comments I get on my rounds giving online marketing advice to business owners

The majority of SEO clients that I’ve had over the years have come to me because their so-called SEO companies have failed to do achieve any sort of meaningful results for them.  That’s because anyone can label themselves as an SEO expert and in most cases these people don’t keep up with the latest techniques and methods required to maintain a strong long-lasting presence on the search engines.

I don’t know about you, but they really make my blood boil.

I actually come across these people every day on SEO forums where I go to give people advice.  Some of the advice they come out with is often outdated and incorrect.

If you’ve been victim to one of these “plastic” SEOs then don’t be put off.  It DOES work and I’m here to prove it to you.

Join the Party

If you don’t feel your business is making the most of the Internet to generate leads, sales and exposure then get in touch with me.

It’s what I do every day for my own businesses and I can do the same for yours and help you grow it to what it should be.

Come on in and join the party where we enjoy the most effective advertising business model today, tomorrow and for the very foreseeable future.

To your success.