Website Usability

An often overlooked but very important aspect of a complete online marketing campaign is website usability.

How easy is the website to navigate?  How well does it work on mobile devices?  How quick does it load?  Is there a set path for visitors to take through the site? Does the website work equally well on all the popular browsers?

There are many considerations that need to be taken into account when assessing website usability.

I complete an assessment of your website in this regard and provide you with a report detailing what improvements need to be made.  Most of the time these improvements can have a very positive effect on the returns generated through the website.

Short Attention Span

I’m sure you’re well aware that when online, people tend to have a very short attention span.  If anything about your website frustrates them they’ll simply hit he back button on the browser and go to the next site in the search results list.

For example, if your website takes too long to load or the colours you use make reading online difficult, visitors won’t hang around for very long.  These are just two examples but there are many aspects of a website which can adversely affect its popularity.

The Mobile Factor

We’re in an era now of increasing internet access on mobile phones.  It’s become so important that you need to ensure that your website is perfectly usable on the various platforms and screens of modern mobile devices.  There are methods that we can use to assess how differently your visitors interact with your website when accessing it via a normal PC or via a mobile device.

By the way, 40% of the traffic to this website comes via mobile phones and tablets.  What’s the rate for your website?

If you would like me to carry out an assessment of the usability of your website then give me a buzz and I’ll go over it for you and detail my findings.

Don’t overlook the importance of good usability, you may think everything is ok but you may unwittingly be driving people away without actually knowing it.

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