Website Design & Development

Although I offer this service through my site, it’s not a service I actually carry out in-house.  It’s contracted out to some very good website designers and developers that I work with.

So why list it here?

For two reasons.  Firstly, my clients trust me to manage the development process of their websites.  This takes the worry out of them that the web design company may not be doing everything correctly.

Secondly, working closely with the designers and the developers during the early stages means that we can ensure that all the important SEO considerations are addressed from the very start.  Correcting badly coded or SEO’d websites post development can be a costly exercise.

Site Structure Importance

Frustratingly, I tend to be called in to work on the marketing of a website after it has been completed from a design and functionality point of view.  At this point the structure of the site, and more importantly the indexing structure of the site, have been set.

These structures are usually not optimal to achieve good search engine rankings straight out of the box. Generally web designers are not SEO professionals.

Correcting these sorts of mistakes is tricky as it often involves redirecting many pages to what they should be, changing the structure, adding new sections to the website, etc, tasks which can delay the most important part of the whole project – getting the website ranking well.

That’s why it’s important that I get involved at an early stage in the development of a website to ensure everything is how it should be.

Let Me In Early

So, if you need a new website or are planning a redesign, get in touch with me, I can recommend some great people to do the work and I will project manage the whole thing for you.

At least that way you’ll know it’s in the best and safest hands.

Call me today about your website needs.

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