SEO Consulting

My SEO Consulting service is used by businesses who already have their own internal marketing and webmaster staff who handle the online marketing activities of the company but want or need some external professional support and guidance.

I work together with businesses to equip them with all the knowledge and understanding they need to maintain and grow an highly effective online marketing campaign.

Keeping up-to-date with all the latest search engine algorithm changes and how they affect different websites is what I do every day and then advise my clients accordingly on how to adapt their online strategies to meet these changes.

SEO is not a one-off task, it is a continuous process which needs to adapt to a constantly changing dynamic online environment.

As a consultant to your company you can rely on me to guide you through algorithmic changes, updates and filters to ensure that you business continues to enjoy a great return from your website.

Spying on your SEO Company

Some of my clients rely 100% on their websites for their entire business.  Some have long-standing relationships with SEO companies and they use my consultancy services to ensure that what their SEO companies are doing isn’t going to harm their websites in any way.

It seems crazy that this should be necessary but if you’re totally dependent on your website to run your business then getting a second opinion from an SEO professional (yes, that’s me!), brings some peace of mind that the changes being made to the website aren’t about to cause it to be penalised by the search engines and dramatically affect your business.

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