Website Issues Assessment

What do you do if you start seeing your website traffic slowly start to decrease?  What do you do if the wrong pages of your site are outranking the pages you actually want appearing in the search results? What do you do if a website that stole your content is ranking higher than the same content on your website?

There are many issues that can affect the performance of a website and for a business owner it can be a very worrying time, especially if the website is the main source of leads for the business.

My website issues assessment service is designed to review and identify the root cause of these problems and create a recovery plan for your website.

Surprise Surprise

Sometimes clients are not even aware that their website has a critical problem that is affecting its performance on the search engines.  It’s only when I start digging into the website that the problems start to surface.

This service is beneficial to many business owners to ensure that their website is in the best of health.

One of the methods for detecting issues affecting a website is looking at the data for the website in Webmaster Tools.  How often do you log in and check the health of your website according to Google?

Be Healthy

Without resolving critical website issues, your efforts in other areas such as SEO and link building, can be in vain as these issues can be affecting the website in making the progess that it needs to.

A good healthy website is not difficult to achieve, it’s all in the detail.

Contact me if you believe your site may have an underlying problem that’s affecting it’s search engine rankings.

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