Online Reputation Management

Businesses (or individuals) can often find themselves with a distressing problem online – negative or malicious comments posted about them.  It’s becoming increasingly common and easy to get negative comments about a company on to the front page of Google search results when someone searches for a company name.

My online reputation management service is a very effective method for “removing” those negative comments from the first few pages of results.

If you’re a company suffering from negative comments on Google then don’t worry, I can sort it for you.

How I do it

Most of the time it’s impossible to get another website to remove comments and pages about your business from it.  Many websites, particularly scam exposure websites, charge several thousand Euros to remove comments posts on their websites.  Most business can’t afford to do this and anyway, what’s to stop that person from posting those comments again under a new user name?

It can be, and is, a nightmare time for businesses.

The way to handle this is to replace those negative results on the first couple of pages of search results with the results we want the search engines to display.

To accomplish this task takes quite a bit of work so get in touch with me and I can explain in more detail the process involved with this.

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