Google Penalty Recovery

There is nothing more distressing for a business owner than to find that Google has flagged your website up as spam and penalised it in search results. This means it could be totally wiped out of their index or demoted several pages in the results. Either way, it means you’ve just lost the majority of the traffic to your website and maybe even impacted the ability of your business to survive.

There are many types or penalties that can be applied to a website and very different methods that need to be used to recover from each of them.

Is it really possible to recover?

Over the years I’ve had many of my own websites penalised by Google as I push the boundries testing what’s possible.  At the same time I’ve implemented various techniques to subsequently recover those websites and get them ranking again.

However, for some websites which have a considerable number of critical issues that are causing the penalisation, it may require some extra, and not so white-hat methods, to get them ranking again, if the usual acceptable techniques fail to achieve the desired outcome.  Going down this route is really a last resort.

But to answer the question, yes it is possible but depending on whether it is a manual or algorithmic penalty, it can take quite a bit of work and time to recover a website.  Some are quite simple to resolve and can be recovered in a couple of weeks whilst others can take many months, for example, if it is required to remove as many bad links pointing to the website as possible.

It’s never terminal

It is very distressing when your website is penalised by Google but it isn’t the end of the world.

There are ways to recover a website, I’ve done it many times myself, but you may need a little patience or go down a riskier route if you just don’t have the time.

If your website is currently suffering some sort of penalisation, give me a call and I can discuss with you how we can get it recovered back into the search results.

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