Critical Issues

There is nothing worse than having a problem with your website which ultimately is affecting the ability of your website to make your business money.

Issues could be related to the website itself and how people navigate it; you could be wondering why your website is moving down in the search results of even worse, your website is penalised by Google, thereby reducing your traffic to a shadow of its former self.

Over the years I’ve helped many businesses deal with these issues and many more.  If you have a problem with your website or your rankings then get in touch, I’ll be able to give you a solution.

Website Issues Assessment

What do you do if you start seeing your website traffic slowly start to decrease?  What do you do if the wrong pages of your site are outranking the pages you actually want appearing in the search results? What do you do if a website that stole your content is ranking higher than the same content on your website?

There are many issues that can affect the performance of a website and for a business owner it can be a very worrying time, especially if the website is the main source of leads for the business.

My website issues assessment service is designed to review and identify the root cause of these problems and create a recovery plan for the client’s website.

Find out more about my website issues assessment service.


Online Reputation Management

Businesses (or individuals) can often find themselves with a distressing problem online – negative or malicious comments posted about them.  It’s becoming increasingly common and easy to get negative comments about a company on to the front page of Google search results when someone searches for a company name.

My online reputation management service is a very effective method for “removing” those negative comments from the first few pages of results.

If you’re a company suffering from negative comments on Google then don’t worry, I can sort it for you.

Find out more about my online reputation management service.


Google Penalty Recovery

There is nothing more distressing for a business owner than to find that Google has flagged your website up as spam and penalised it in search results.  This means it could be totally wiped out of their index or demoted several pages in the results.  Either way, it means you’ve just lost the majority of the traffic to your website and maybe even impacted the ability of your business to survive.

There are many types or penalties that can be applied to a website and very different methods that need to be used to recover from each of them.

I have recovered many websites over the years that have been penalised by Google.  If you’ve been affected then get in touch, I can help.

Find out more about my Google penalty recovery service.

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