Here are the services I can offer to businesses to help them with their online marketing campaigns.

These are all services which I have honed over the years whilst effectively adapting them to my own websites.

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

SEO is the starting point of any online marketing campaign.  The purpose of SEO is to ensure that a website is fully prepared to maximise its potential on search engines.  A poorly optimised website can result in less leads and sales being generated through it.

SEO also includes analysing all the available potential in a client’s particular niche to ensure that all opportunities to grab traffic relative to different and related search terms are taken.

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SEO Consulting

My SEO Consulting service is used by businesses who already have their own internal marketing and webmaster staff who handle the online marketing activities of the company but want or need some external professional support and guidance.

I work together with businesses to equip them with all the knowledge and understanding they need to maintain and grow an highly effective online marketing campaign.

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Link Building

Link building – Two words that send shivers down the spines of most webmasters.  Every website needs external links pointing to it so that it ranks well in search engines.  Each link pointing to a site is like a vote of confidence for that website.  The more “votes” the more the website seems popular and therefore, the higher it ranks.

However, getting other websites to link to yours is the most time consuming and frustrating part of the whole online marketing experience.  But if you want to rank high in the search engines then you need a lot of links.

I’m here to free you from the whole link building agony and frustration.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation – CRO

It doesn’t matter what your website is about, you probably want someone to take an action when they visit your site.

It could be that you want them to phone you, fill in a form, buy your product, download a free guide, like your Facebook page, whatever it is you want them to do, you can get more people doing it from the same level of traffic just by improving the conversion rate of the landing pages.

CRO focuses on increasing the number of actions taken on your website without the need to increase traffic.  Every website can benefit from this.

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Social Media Marketing

Having established and run two large social websites aimed at expats over the years, I have a an in-depth understanding and experience of what makes a great social marketing campaign.

Most people tend to focus solely on Facebook and Twitter as their social strategy but being social is much more than just those two websites.

This is a big subject and one where often businesses can struggle to appreciate or calculate the ROI based on the amount of time that needs to be invested.  I’m here to make it all that little bit clearer and help you plan and execute an effective social marketing strategy.

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Email Marketing

I am a massive advocate of email marketing and I’m often astonished as to how few companies even bother to do this, and even more astonished when those that do bother don’t seem to put any real thought or energy into it.

Having accumulated a decent sized mailing list a few years back it really saved me and my business when Google (mistakenly) removed my website from it’s index.  Without that list I wouldn’t have had any income to live off.

Email marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective forms of generating leads and business online.

Let me show you how.

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Website Issues Assessment

What do you do if you start seeing your website traffic slowly start to decrease?  What do you do if the wrong pages of your site are outranking the pages you actually want appearing in the search results? What do you do if a website that stole your content is ranking higher than the same content on your website?

There are many issues that can affect the performance of a website and for a business owner it can be a very worrying time, especially if the website is the main source of leads for the business.

My website issues assessment service is designed to review and identify the root cause of these problems and create a recovery plan for the client’s website.

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Online Reputation Management

Businesses (or individuals) can often find themselves with a distressing problem online – negative or malicious comments posted about them.  It’s becoming increasingly common and easy to get negative comments about a company on to the front page of Google search results when someone searches for a company name.

My online reputation management service is a very effective method for “removing” those negative comments from the first few pages of results.

If you’re a company suffering from negative comments on Google then don’t worry, I can sort it for you.

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Google Penalty Recovery

There is nothing more distressing for a business owner than to find that Google has flagged your website up as spam and penalised it in search results.  This means it could be totally wiped out of their index or demoted several pages in the results.  Either way, it means you’ve just lost the majority of the traffic to your website and maybe even impacted the ability of your business to survive.

There are many types or penalties that can be applied to a website and very different methods that need to be used to recover from each of them.

I have recovered many websites over the years that have been penalised by Google.  If you’ve been affected then get in touch, I can help.

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Website Design and Development

Although I offer this service through my site, it’s not a service I actually carry out in-house.  It’s contracted out to some very good website designers and developers that I work with.

So why list it here?

For two reasons.  Firstly, my clients trust me to manage the development process of their websites.  This takes the worry out of them that the web design company may not be doing everything correctly.

Secondly, working closely with the designers and the developers during the early stages means that we can ensure that all the important SEO considerations are addressed from the very start.  Correcting badly coded or SEO’d websites post development can be a costly exercise.

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Website Usability

An often overlooked but very important aspect of a complete online marketing campaign is website usability.

How easy is the website to navigate?  How well does it work on mobile devices?  How quick does it load?  Is there a set path for visitors to take through the site?

There are many considerations that need to be taken into account when assessing website usability.  I complete an assessment of your website in this regard and provide you with a report detailing what improvements need to be made.  Most of the time these improvements can have a very positive effect on the returns generated through the website.

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Content Writing

Content, content, content.  Whatever you want to do online you always need to have content and plenty of it.  You need content for your site, for other sites (to get links back), for your blogs, and so on.

Not everyone is a gifted writer and often it’s best to leave the writing to those with a natural ability for it.  It can also be time consuming.

I don’t do the content writing myself but I have a team of people that I myself use.  They write incredibly well on just about any subject and their rates are very good.

You need content for an effective online marketing campaign and my content writing service takes the hassle out of that for you.

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