Still Think Social Media Is The Way Forward For Your Business?…Think Again!

| 16 November 2012

Website traffic sources

I hear it all the time:  “SEO is dead, it’s all about social media now”.  What a load of rubbish.

Feast your eyes on the chart above.  The data is a few months old but it paints a very clear picture of the amount of traffic referred to websites from different sources.

The data was complied by Shareaholic in this study.  The data comes from analysing over 200,000 websites and 270 million unique visitors in a month.  That’s a pretty large data source to work with!

See that big blue bit, the one that stands out above all of the others?  That is FREE traffic from organic listings on Google alone.  It actually equates to a staggering 48% of ALL web traffic.

It’s more than ALL of the referral traffic from all of the social media websites combined.

What’s really interesting is that this ties in with what I’ve been saying for years.  Facebook (at 6%) is the best site for referral traffic and that Twitter is languishing at less than 1%, one of the worst performing and now even beaten by the much newer social website, Pinterest.

So, do you waste you time LOLing about on the social media sites or get serious and put your energies into SEO?

The proof is in the data…


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  1. Chris says:

    I’m a firm believer in your stats, for most sites that is. However I’d just like to offer up some stats from a website that I run, with a mainly teenage audience.

    Here’s the current traffic source breakdown for my site

    1. Facebook (25%)
    2. Twitter (13%)
    3. (11%)
    4. Facebook Mobile (9%)
    5. Google+ (4%)

    Interesting huh! What surprises me is actually how fast Google+ is climbing up our list of referrers. 2-3 months ago it was nowhere, but now we’re actively using it as much as Facebook and our numbers are growing at the same rate (if not slightly faster) than Facebook.

    I’m a firm believer that Google is still the best source of traffic so I agree with the main topic of the article, but I think social media has a higher prevalence the younger an audience gets.