How To Tell If Google Thinks Your Website Is A Brand

| 14 October 2012


Most people who aren’t studying Google search results day in and day won’t have realised that Google is showing just seven results instead of ten on the first page for certain search queries.

I’ve been reading on various sites that many SEOs and webmasters think that this is a big deal, when in actual fact it’s not.  On pages with 10 results, positions 8, 9 and 1o hardly yield any clicks.

The brand effect

Google loves brands and loves to fill it’s search results with them for the basic reason that brands tend to spend a lot of money and put in great effort to ensure their websites are great.  Google wants to return great results to its users so it fits that they should choose to prefer brands.

But how do you know if Google thinks you’re a brand?

Well, this is where the seven results page comes in.  If you search for the name of any brand you will tend to see that the main website for the brand will display sitelinks and often other universal search extras, such as videos, places, shopping results, etc.

But more consistent is that when searching for a brand, Google will return just seven results-

So search for your company name, if you see the site links and just  seven results on the first page, it’s a good sign that Google thinks your business website name is a brand.

Considering what I said earlier, this is a really positive sign so keep growing your brand online, you’ve already done the hard work in getting recognised as one.

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  1. John Gilkes says:

    I noticed the seven results recently but never associated with brands. I did a few checks and it looks like you may have a point here. Thanks for the heads up.